The Quick Check Difference

In-office testing right at the source means no more long waits for your water quality results. Plus, you’ll put an end to unnecessary liability and unexpected downtime. Shine a light on any dangerous bacteria or biofilm lurking in your water lines before they become an issue. Test your water before you open, then go about your day confident that staff, patients and the practice are fully protected.
All while staying 100% in compliance with CDC and ADA guidelines. 

Let your entire staff breathe easy knowing they aren’t being exposed to potentially hazardous aerosols with the potential to affect their long-term lung health.

Expect a true reflection of bacterial count without worrying about the interference of chemicals found in your waterline cleaners. While other tests may contain cleaning agents that can skew results, Quick Check’s cleansing step ensures every sample is clean and contaminant-free.
Literally anyone in your practice can perform the test and produce accurate results. There’s no need to spend extra money on training, equipment or maintenance. 

Test your waterlines in 4 simple steps:

  1. Collect sample
  2. Filter sample
  3. Cleanse sample
  4. Test

Your online tool for scheduling, testing and recording test results. Simplify and centralize your data storage, for a single office or multiple locations. Stay securely in compliance with the capacity to easily store results for years. Access it anytime from your smartphone or browser.

How does Quick Check Compare?

Test feature Quick Check Laboratory HPC HPC Dip Slide Lab Flow Cytrometry
Rapidity 30 Minutes Up to 10 days 48-72 Hours 24 -48 Hours
On-site testing Yes No Yes No
Method Pass or fail/screening Quantitative CFU/mL Pass or fail/screening Quantitative CFU/mL
Results Visual – colour change CFU/ml (Colony Forming Unit) Visual – presence and absence of colonies (spots) MPN/mL count (Most Probable Number)
Ease of use Very easy to use Shipping required Easy to use Shipping required
Detects broad range of microorganisms Yes Dependent on method No Dependent on method
Probability of False Negative results Low Dependent on method High Low
Cost $ $$ $ $$$
*HPC – Heterotrophic Plate Count